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Komo Blouse ~ Unisex
Komo Blouse ~ Unisex
All you need to know

Handmade with salty love from Indonesia 

Salty info

Fitting: unisex and oversized
Colour: black and pink
Fabric: 100% Rayon

Care ♡

* hand wash in cold water
* do not bleach
* do not tumble dry
* wash separate from light colors (fabric can bleed in the beginning)

Komo Blouse ~ Unisex

Komo Blouse ~ Unisex

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 Bloom baby Aloha Bloom 🌺🌿

This loose shirt with a colorful flower print suits to every occasion. Whether you go out for surfing, having a coffee or hang out with your friends, Bloom while wearing this shirt!

You know those Hawaiian shirts you loved that sold out super fast?!
Well, they’re back in stock Yayy! … but not for long ;)