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Turtle ~ Necklace
Turtle ~ Necklace
Turtle ~ Necklace

Fitting: one size
Colour: silver
Material: 925 sterling silver
Care: Handle with care ♥ Perfect for everyday use, wear in and out of the sea without color fading.  
Extra info: each item is made by hand; this ensures that the item can deviate slightly from the photo in details and shape. This is in line with the unique and beachy character of at Aloha. 

Turtle ~ Necklace

Turtle ~ Necklace

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It's turtelly fine to have a crush on this little badassšŸ¢šŸ’—

This necklace with aĀ cute littleĀ turtle hangerĀ is designed to remind ourselves to let worries roll of our back, slow down and spend more time at the beach.Ā This would make a perfect gift for a loved one or a friend with a love of the beach.Ā 

at Aloha tip:Ā wear thisĀ necklaceĀ alone or layer with others for a statement look.