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Zanzi ~ Ring
All you need to know ♥

Sizes: xs - xl
Color: silver 
Material 925 sterling silver, shiva shell

Shiva shell : 15mm


It's a delicate piece so handle with care 

Extra Info

Handcrafted salty goods
Made with love from Indonesia
Every piece is handmade so shape may be a little different 

Size Chart

Size xs   = Ø 15
Size s    = Ø 16
Size m   = Ø 17
Size l     = Ø 18
Size xl   = Ø 19

Zanzi ~ Ring

Zanzi ~ Ring

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This aloha ring is something we have been waiting for a long time! ☀️🐚

The Shiva Eye shell has a number of meanings associated with it. Eyes in general are a symbol of protection as to ward off the “Evil Eye”. Coming from the sea, this shell has ocean-like soothing, comforting and serene vibes and will bring peace of mind and relaxation.