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Bali flower ~ Ear stud
Bali flower ~ Ear stud
All you need to know

Sold as Single Earring ( 1 piece ) or Pair ( 2 pieces ) 

Salty info

Colour: silver
Size: +/- 0,5 cm
Material: 925 sterling silver

Handle with care ♥

Handmade in Indonesia
Every piece is handmade so shape may be a little different.

Bali flower ~ Ear stud

Bali flower ~ Ear stud

Regular price €14.95

Fill your soul with blooming Hawaiian flowers 🌺

This cute little Hawaiian flower earrings is designed to fill your soul with the Hawaiian spirit of a colorful beach kinda life. The perfect gift for your sweet and salty friends. 

Sold as Single Earring or Pair.
Due to hygiene, earrings can not be returned or exchanged